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Eminox Augment Their IFS Support

Eminox Augment Their IFS Support">

An existing IFS customer, a restructure of the Eminox team had left the company with an IFS knowledge gap. This was having an impact on the ability of their users to understand and solve any IFS related issues. To address this, Eminox was looking to partner with an IFS specialist who could provide them with IFS service desk support.

The partner would not only act as a means of filling this knowledge gap by providing advice and assistance on any IFS issues raised, but they would also act as a ‘mentor’ to the Eminox team, uncovering any shortfalls in their understanding and capabilities and providing advice on how these can best be filled, increasing Eminox’s overall IFS skills and capability.

“Partnering with Cooper Software to deliver our IFS support requirement ensures that our users have the ability to access the knowledge and support they need, when they need it. As well as freeing up our own internal resources and facilitating the smooth running of our IFS Applications solution, our users are benefiting from a high level of knowledge transfer, significantly increasing their own understanding of the solution.”

Information Systems Manager, Eminox

Our Solution

Cooper Software’s service desk is manned by full-time IFS support experts and is designed to enhance and supplement end user capability, as well as empowering users with the ability, know-how and tools to solve complex problems. The highly qualified service desk consultants also have access to Cooper Software’s comprehensive ‘Knowledgebase’, which is a centralised online library of information based on the 700 previous successful projects the company has undertaken.

Cooper Software entered in to an initial twelve-month agreement with Eminox to deal with IFS related issues which had been escalated from ‘super users’ or senior management. If issues were considered critical, as in there was perceived to be a direct impact on a certain department within the business and its ability to function, Cooper Software endeavoured to resolve the issue within one working day.

Often, when the service desk received a raised ticket, Cooper Software’s first response was to suggest options for the Eminox user to try, which might successfully solve the issue. This approach had the benefit of pushing Eminox’s IFS users to increase their IFS understanding and skills, giving them the confidence to resolve future similar issues on their own. This had the overall effect of bringing Eminox’s IFS knowledge up to a much higher level, leading to wider benefits for the business.  

Further to this, Cooper Software provided feedback on a monthly basis in relation to the number of tickets raised and dealt with, with the aim of identifying patterns and trends in the types of issues which were being raised. By doing this, any operational concerns, knowledge gaps and potential training needs could be identified and if appropriate, remedial action could be scheduled by way of workshops or relevant departmental training.


  • Enhanced IFS support from Cooper Software’s highly skilled and experienced IFS consultants.
  • Access to Cooper Software’s IFS knowledge base, a centralised online library of information based on the 700 previous successful projects the company has undertaken.
  • Upskilling of Eminox’s IFS users and expansion of their IFS capabilities through education and knowledge transfer.
  • The capacity to deal with IFS related problems quickly and more accurately.
  • The ability to solve complex and on some occasions, business critical issues

About Eminox

Established in 1978, Eminox is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of exhaust and emission control systems for heavy duty vehicles and equipment, with a reputation for engineering excellence, designed and manufactured to the highest standards. The company supplies to bus, truck, rail, and non-road vehicle manufacturers around the world, as well as being the major European supplier of emission control exhaust systems for retrofit to vehicles already in service.

Eminox is a growing and innovative business. They are a market leading multinational privately owned company, with head offices and manufacturing facilities based in Lincolnshire and offices in Germany, France and Scandinavia.