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Making Tax Digital: Customer Reviews

Making Tax Digital: Customer Reviews">

In our series of articles on Making Tax Digital (MTD) we have examined all of the recent legislative updates from HMRC. Now don’t get us wrong, regulatory compliance is always a vital requirement for any business but equally important to us at Cooper Software is giving our customers software that works for and with them to achieve this compliance.

Achieving this is easier said than done but for us this process always begins with talking. Good communication is key to the successful delivery of any project and we run regular product and project reviews with all of our customers to get feedback on the whole process – from choosing the system, through to the readiness assessment, implementation and support.

So rather than listen to us, here is what some of our customers are saying about our MTD solution.

Choosing a MTD System

“Its like any kind of software solution, you have got to make sure that a) it fits the brief and b) you are working with someone you have confidence in.”

“We looked at several solutions and there was not a lot in it from the functionality point of view. However, we knew the legal requirements were going to change and that we needed a complete end-to-end solution, so we always had an eye on the fact it was better to do this sooner rather than later. Cooper Software’s solution was also the most cost effective.”

Howard Bradshaw, IT Manager, Benders Paper Cups

“It ticked all our boxes.”

Claire Dobbins, Finance Manager, Benders Paper Cups

Implementation Process

“Was good. The guy came out to us and went through all of our processes and what we used our VAT codes for, when the testing was done there were some tweaks but have been reconciling since it went live and have had no problems whatsoever.”

Karen Morrall, Finance Manager, Whitford Ltd 

“Was pretty straight forward, Hayley came out and we have nothing but praise for the whole process, was all pretty positive!”

Howard Bradshaw, IT Manager, Benders Paper Cups

System Use

“It does exactly what it says on the tin!”

Karen Morrall, Finance Manager, Whitford Ltd

“The system is straight forward to use, we submit returns on a monthly basis, two clicks of a button and it goes through!”

Olga Prentice, Group Financial Controller, Atlas Converting


“Very professional. They were always to hand if I had any questions.”

Karen Morrall, Finance Manager, Whitford Ltd

“It was straight forward to deal with you guys, not sure who I spoke to, but he resolved it quite quickly for us. We now know where to look and who to contact if we have an issue and know it will get resolved!”

Olga Prentice, Group Financial Controller, Atlas Converting

Cooper Software would like to thank all of our customers for participating in the review but particularly those companies quoted in the article.

Atlas Converting Equipment Ltd. was established in 1976 and is a world leading supplier and provider of solutions in slitting and rewinding technology and finished roll handling systems. The Atlas and Titan brands are recognised as global market leaders in the production of primary and secondary slitter rewinders with over 4,000 machine installations in over 80 countries around the world.

Whitfords WW are global manufacturers of specialty, high-performance coatings, providing technical expertise in coating research and development. They invest more than anyone else in their industry in R&D as they know it is important to stay ahead of the curve with technology.

Benders Paper Cups have seen a lot change in their 121-year history, to be the world’s largest supplier of handmade crackers in 1920, manufacture the first napkin dispenser in 1964 and now be part of Europe’s largest group of recyclable cups shows a company able to change and adapt better than most.