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Sticky Notes - Our Smart Configuration To Retain Functionality for IFS Cloud

Sticky Notes - Our Smart Configuration To Retain Functionality for IFS Cloud">

Sticky notes is a feature of IFS Applications that is heavily used by certain customers. For some, this functionality is imperative for them to carry their day-to-day processes. Unfortunately, it is no longer supported in IFS Cloud and for some who are moving to the platform, or considering a move, this is causing a significant issue. In some cases, it might be enough of an issue to avoid upgrading altogether as the risk of losing this information is too great.

This was the situation one of our customers found themselves in. They are currently running IFS Apps 9 on-premise and are looking to take advantage of the latest technology platforms and commit to an Evergreen strategy by upgrading to IFS Cloud. They utilise the Sticky Note functionality extensively within IFS Apps 9, in total they have around 21,000 notes containing text and pictures. However, within IFS Cloud, Sticky Notes no longer exist. Our customer expressed that it was vital for them to be able to transfer and use the information contained within existing sticky notes in IFS Cloud. To lose this information would be devastating to them and have a significant impact on their business.

To satisfy this critical need, we have developed an alternative solution, within IFS Cloud, to replace this lost functionality and allow for all existing Sticky Note information to be transferred and a method for which Hamamatsu can continue to add notes within IFS Cloud.

After reviewing the available options, and briefly considering and ruling out the possibility of reprogramming the current sticky notes solution, we have created a solution that is a combination of various configurations within IFS. We have utilised the standard ‘IFS tool box’ to develop a standalone solution that seamlessly fits in with IFS Cloud.

  • Utilised an alternative display type via a custom Sticky Note table that will be created per LU/Projection and linked to the associated individual records.
  • Creation of a Custom Entity in the associated Projection with a link to the associated individual records.
    The entries will be available as text fields that can be created, modified, and deleted.
  • The data records are linked with the primary key of the selected data record.
  • In addition, the data of the creator and the last modifier are automatically added with a timestamp.
  • Identification and migration of 100% of all existing sticky notes from IFS 9 to IFS Evergreen to the associated custom entities.
  • Access Controls on who can perform which transactions within CR Sticky Notes will be controlled using IFS Permissions Sets specified by Hamamatsu.

Our solution has replaced a key piece of functionality that is no longer supported. A piece of functionality that is not only relied upon by this customer in particular, but by many other IFS customers too.
The solution involves no programming, and it completely conforms to IFS because it has been engineered as part of the standard configuration set up. There is also no customisation which reduces cost and effort and provides stability. We have also enhanced the user experience by displaying the information in a more visible way, with a clear history of any revisions made to that note.

This is an exciting development for us and for existing IFS Applications 9 and 10 customers as it addresses a very real need for those customers who are currently extensively using sicky notes. Rather than becoming a barrier that prevents these customers from upgrading to IFS Cloud and taking advantage of the powerful capabilities and functionality it offers, as well as the benefits of an evergreen software application, they now have a seamless solution that works with IFS Cloud and removes a large headache for them. It alleviates the very serious prospect of losing vital information. Our solution eliminates this risk and allows customers to migrate 100% of their existing information.

We already have several customers who are very excited about the solution, some of whom have until now been trying to solve the problem themselves, without success. They now have a ready-made solution that can facilitate their move to IFS Cloud and enhance their experience. Out with our own customer base, our solution can be offered to any IFS customer who is currently moving or planning a move to IFS Cloud. It is a standalone solution that can be seamlessly implemented in to any IFS Cloud upgrade or implementation. To find out more, get in touch.