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Three Key Benefits Of Software Testing

Three Key Benefits Of Software Testing">

Software testing is an essential part of any software implementation. The process checks for errors, gaps and ensures the software matches the desired expectations of the end user before the installation and go live.

In the World Quality Report 2022 published by CapGemini, it was reported that 62% of Agile Enterprises stated that testing is carried out by business SMEs as opposed to quality engineers and 61% viewed Business Domain Knowledge as extremely important QA skill when executing a successful development program.

One of the key recommendations in this area is that business owners should become more involved in testing activities, making sure they have the right knowledge, tools and processes to allow them to test effectively.

However, as ERP is at the core of any business connecting all business functions, facilitating workflows, driving reporting and analysis testing requires more than just assigning manpower to make it effective.

At Cooper Software we have a dedicated Test Manager who can work with your business to ensure that you are planning, designing, implementing, and executing your test responsibilities to not only ensure you go live with minimal risk but also helping you to produce repeatable test activities for future upgrades/implementations.

By recognising the importance of testing and providing a dedicated resource, evaluation of problems and solutions can be recorded and replicated with ease in line with testing protocol. There is no additional time or expertise required inhouse as we supply it as part of the ERP implementation project.

3 key benefits of testing -

  • Quality – By planning, executing, and measuring effective testing you can make sure you are going live with as few as issues as possible.
  • Cost effectiveness – Did you know that an issue in production will cost you 100 times more to fix than if found in the requirements stage? Adequate testing allows you to capture issues before go-live thus bringing the cost of fixing them down.
  • Visibility of processes – By performing consistent testing it allows you to see exactly how your business processes flow providing you with the ability to change processes or raise issues before they become blockers in production.


We understand how teams are reducing in size, becoming more Agile and processes such as automation are increasing which impacts on testing as the time allocated is reduced. At Cooper Software our more proactive approach allows us to deliver more value to you, our customers and in return you benefit from a quality ERP implementation project.

To discuss our testing process in more detail reach out to Chris Binmore, IFS Testing Manager.