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A decade of experience with IFS: How can I help your journey to IFS Cloud & Evergreen?

A decade of experience with IFS: How can I help your journey to IFS Cloud & Evergreen?">

Step into a transformative journey guided by my decade-long experience with IFS including 5 years running the Service Desk here at Cooper Software.  As an experienced observer of IFS's evolution, I'm eager to share insights that can shape your path forward.  I have witnessed first-hand the challenge of moving to IFS Cloud, where your considering how to move to an Evergreen concept where releases of IFS/new functionality every 24 months will need to be managed.

This blog is the first in a series of 9 articles, delving into the heart of the Evergreen era.  Throughout this series, we'll interweave real stories of scenarios where we've successfully provided guidance on this journey to several customers.  These transformational narratives underscore the business value you can realise with IFS evolution.

We recognise the scepticism that can surround Cloud upgrades, but our value-driven approach, extracting maximum value from your IFS Investment, can dispel doubts.  Cooper Software has been working with IFS customers since 2005, and I am looking forward to leveraging my decade of experience to support your IFS journey.

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