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IFS - Industry Focus

Engineering & Construction

The Engineering and Construction industry is gaining momentum in their adoption of digitalisation to improve efficiency, accuracy, and transparency of their business performance.

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Skyscraper Construction

Realise the benefits of our Industry Focus

IFS supports the delivery of multiple large scale projects by managing the whole asset lifecycle, delivering detailed forecasting, planning and billing as well as  ensuring industry specific compliance at every turn.

Enterprise software designed for the Engineering, Construction and Infrastructure Industry, IFS offers the complete suite.

Project Management and Asset Lifecycle solutions that support the whole asset lifecycle from engineer, make, build to maintain any type of asset.

Perfect for general and specialty contractors, residential and design consultants as we as the full range of civil engineering.


Engineering Team Productivity


Faster Budgetary Cycles


Sales Team Productivity


Increased Supply Chain Efficiency

Construction, Infrastructure & Industrial Services

IFS provides integrated business software solutions to manage both the build and maintenance phase of an asset's life. The solution is being used on many asset types including: Infrastructure, Buildings, Energy, Utilities, Mining, Plants.

Engineering Contractors (EPC)

Integrated business software solutions to manage engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance process including: Infrastructure, Oil and Gas, Energy, Utilities, Mining, Plants.

Shipbuilding, Refit & Repair

Software solutions to manage both the build and maintenance phase of vessels and maritime infrastructure. The solution is being used on many types of vessels as well as many ports to build and maintain the port infrastructure.


Functionality Sorted

Shown here is the IFS solution map for construction indicating the specific functionality that assists to ensure compliance in this extensively regulated industry.

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IFS is tailored for Engineering & Construction, with specific interfaces, processes and functionality


IFS supports a range of integration options and API endpoints to allow us to unite your fractured IT landscape. This can be further supercharged with Boomi and their market leading Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS).

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