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IFS Energy
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Transforming to Net Zero

Why Consider IFS Cloud for Energy, Utilities & Resources?

  • A comprehensive, flexible and industry-specific solution
  • Improved workforce planning and scheduling
  • Consistent and intuitive user experience
  • Optimised asset performance and safety
  • Meet your sustainability goals

IFS Cloud provides a unified enterprise platform where users access a comprehensive suite of asset management, project management, and field service capabilities from a single, reliable source.

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IFS Energy
IFS Energy

Many Energy sector customers are realising significant benefits using IFS Cloud:

  • 19% average improvement in productivity
  • 31% improvement in scheduling and dispatching
  • 51% increase in asset maintenance planning
  • 24% enhancement in service execution

Power Generation

The first software solution from IFS was for a nuclear power generation company but irrespective of how power is generated, IFS provides you with capabilities to manage complex assets and the generation value chain throughout its lifecycle.

Transmission & Distribution

IFS has the functionality to help manage complex network assets, ensuring that asset performance is optimal and maintenance meets all the budget and cost objectives of an organisation.

Oil & Gas

Offering a comprehensive enterprise-wide business support for sales and contract management, engineering, project management, document management, asset and service management, supply chain subcontracting – throw in finance and HCM and we have the perfect solution for companies both onshore and off.

Ports & Terminals

As automation increases, the role of EAM is to ensure all physical assets are available, performance is high and there is minimal downtime. IFS Applications and EAM supports enhancements to availability and performance.

Water Supply & Treatment

In a heavily regulated industry, managing water supply and treatment requires deep functionality and integration with geospatial solutions.

Infrastructure & Operations

Assets and projects are at the heart of ensuring availability and infrastructure performance, but with large areas covered, geographical information and linear asset capabilities are needed too. IFS offers the functional depth and breadth to ensure you keep your network and assets working efficiently.

Integrated Project and Lifecycle Management

Lifecylcle Management

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Life Sciences

IFS gives you the broad scope and deep functionality to meet the needs of a business operating in the life sciences regulated environment, controlling quality and traceability to FDA and MHRA standards.


Software for automotive OEMs and automotive suppliers. The solution supports different manufacturing and business control strategies for improved supply chain efficiency, cost reductions, quality assurance and management.


IFS addresses the need of the chemicals supply chain and manufacturing business, where material control and compliance are key. Bringing you a broad scope and core functionality like batch balancing to meet the needs of the chemicals industry today.


Functionality Mapped.

Shown here is the IFS solution map for Manufacturing indicating the specific functionality that essential in this ever competitive industry.