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Product - IPaaS

Integration Platform as a Service

Unite those fractured IT landscapes.

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In today’s ever more integrated world, it has become increasingly important to connect up your disparate systems and break down the technological silos that exist within your enterprise, across your supply chain and beyond.

For every problem, there is a solution and to unify a fractured IT landscape an Integration Platform is required.

Our own proprietary platform, TRAX, has been built upon native IFS Connect and supports all the standard Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Business to Business (B2B) protocols your business requires.

With various deployment options supported and now successfully delivering automatic processes all over the globe, our flexible solution allows you to fully integrate IFS with other business areas as well as your customers and suppliers. Cost effective and quick and easy install, TRAX saves you money, delivering rapid ROI.

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As an accredited partner of Boomi, we can offer their enterprise level solution for when you need to unite a complex IT landscape.

It is the integration platform that intelligently connects your applications and automates your workflows with an easy to use, graphical interface, allowing you to rapidly develop and deploy new integrations faster than ever before.

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